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Gutter Guards Vs Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Guards Vs Gutter Cleaning

As we welcome summer and it warmer temperatures, a change in season provides the perfect excuse to get stuck into a few home maintenance jobs. Keeping gutters clean from assorted debris is an integral and ongoing task for all homeowners. Gutters control the flow of rainwater protecting the roof, walls and the foundation of your home. Gone neglected, your guttering has the potential to turn into a costly nightmare. To clean your gutters you’ll require a sturdy ladder, thick gloves, a bucket, a wire hook, a dustpan and brush, a hose and a spray gun with a jet setting. As with any DIY activity it’s important to work safely. Ensure your ladder is set up on a flat surface. Once your ladder is set, hook your bucket to the edge of the gutter. Inspect your gutters from all angles to ensure they’re secure and haven’t come away from the fascia. Wearing thick protective gloves, use a brush to remove built-up leaves and debris from the guttering paying close attention to the spouts.  For a free quote visit

Gutter Guards Help prevent fires.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards

Gutter Guards Keep your water flowing

Once clear from debris, use the jet setting on the hose gun to give your gutters a quick rinse moving towards the down pipe. Once you have completed cleaning the gutters, the next step is to inspect the down pipe for any leaks or damage. Four Seasons Gutter Pro offer the full range of gutter guards. For more information please visit our website at



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